Travel Smart with Holiday Food This Year

'Tis the season for get-togethers, decadent foods and spending quality time with relatives you likely haven't seen all year. If you'll be contributing to the holiday potluck this year, these tips will keep your car clean and your foods intact.

  • Use a large box or cooler for transporting casserole dishes and bowls. This makes it easy to carry all the foods into the house, and provides stain protection for your car's interior
  • You can also spread a towel or blanket on the floor to catch food spills. If your trip is a little long and you want to make sure that the food doesn't get cold, put your dishes in a sleeping bag to protect your car floor and keep the food insulated
  • For bowls and dishes that have lids, cover the dish with plastic wrap before securing the lid to keep food from spilling out. Of course, a trusted friend or family member in the back seat to monitor the food can also keep food-related accidents from happening.

RZ Motors wishes to extend a warm happy holidays to all of our customers!

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