Uconnect: Eliminating Backseat Boredom

Let's be honest, long road trips aren't easy, especially if it's a family one. While things aren't as bad as they used to be for kids the portable gaming systems of today can still run out of power, and there's only so much reading someone can do in one sitting. It's still something of a bad situation.

And that's where the Chrysler Pacifica's Uconnect system comes into play. This built-in entertainment center comes equipped with two large touch screens, entertaining apps, Blu-ray player, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Backseat boredom will be no more with the Chrysler Pacifica's Uconnect system providing entertainment to your kids.

But as great as the Uconnect is, there are more reasons to buy a Chrysler Pacifica than that. And if you're curious as to what else the Pacifica has to offer then come on down to RZ Motors to test drive one today.


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