Why an Oil Change May Be a Good Idea this Fall

As fall is fast approaching, here in Hettinger, ND, the cooler weather, and winter months are soon to follow. Weather conditions that come along with the colder months can make any preexisting problems with your vehicle worse. Although a regular oil change gets recommended, an upcoming oil change may be essential to keeping your engine running smoothly for winter.

When you get your oil changed with us at RZ Motors, this will help to eliminate the possibility of a sludge consistency build up by your engine. If you don’t get a routine oil change at the suggested intervals, this can make your engine function harder. In return, over time, this may cause damage to the vehicle’s engine. Also, because motor oil provides the lubrication for the engine’s quickly moving parts, if the oil doesn’t get changed, it can cause friction.

While changing the oil in your car is an important service, there are also many other services that get recommended. If you would like help with a maintenance schedule or you would like to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle, contact our service center and our trained team of technicians can assist you!

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