Dodge Charger Safety Features

The 2018 Dodge Charger is built for more than performance. Although this muscle car has power to spare, some of the its most important features were designed to improve safety. For example, the Charger features anti-lock brakes. These improve steering control and prevent wheels from locking up. There's also rain brake support, which helps keep your brake pads dry in bad weather conditions.

The Charger's frame is made of steel, which helps protect passengers in the event of a collision. There are also airbags throughout the vehicle. The Charger, though, is designed with prevention in mind. The ParkView camera lets you see the area behind the vehicle as you back up. This does a lot to eliminate blindspots.

You can experience these features of the Charger yourself with a test-drive. The next time you're in Hettinger, stop by RZ Motors and give it a spin. This car balances safety and performance wonderfully well.
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