Selecting Front or Rear Wheel Drive

Many vehicle models for sale in the US offer a choice of front or rear wheel drive. Manufacturers typically provide a standard or rear wheel option with the same engine and horsepower ratings as the front wheel drive types. You can choose front or rear drive with nearly everything else remaining unchanged. Many Hettinger drivers ask: what is the difference?

Technically, the transmission in a rear wheel drive sends power only to the rear wheels where a differential sends torque to the left and right wheel. They push the vehicle forward or pull it backward. In a front wheel drive vehicle, the transmission arrangement sends power only to the front wheels.

The rear wheel arrangement provides better acceleration, steering, and performance; the front wheel arrangement offers superior traction particularly in slippery road conditions. At RZ Motors we offer both types of vehicle and invite you to come in for a test drive. You can compare front and rear drives and see which you prefer.
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