Which Suspension Parts Keep Your Car Strong?

When considering your car's suspension, which parts do you think keep your car going strong? All of your suspension system components play a role in the overall functioning and health of your system. The specific parts may vary by type, but each type of system has the same goal, which is keeping your tires on the ground and your ride comfortable.

Regardless of the system in use, the joints and other points of articulation withstand significant forces over their service lives. As such, these smaller parts need to be occasionally checked for damage or deterioration. Included in this list are:

  • Constant Velocity Joints (CV): CV joints fall under the universal joint category, and they allow for the transmission of rotary force from the engine to the tires on front-wheel drive vehicles. While hardy, their seals may break down over time.
  • Power Steering Assembly: Maintaining steering control is of tantamount importance, and making sure your power steering connections are sound is important to steering control.

Here at RZ Motors in Hettinger, ND, our trained service technicians have working experience with a wide range of suspension types. Regardless of what your vehicle is working with, feel free to give us a visit at our facility for suspension repair.

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