Durability Features in Your New Ram 1500

When you are looking to buy a light-duty pick-up truck, you should have durability at the top of the list. Here are a few durability features of the new Ram 1500 you should consider.

What good is a great looking new truck that will break down and not be able to work hard like you expected? If you are not carefully considering the warranty offered by the manufacturer, you could be holding the bag when it breaks down. With the Ram 1500, you get the industry-leading diesel powertrain warranty that covers your new truck for 5-years/100,000-miles.

The new Ram 1500 has been built to provide you many years of dependable driving. From the ground up the frame of the new Ram utilizes 50,000 psi steel in conjunction with eight tough cross members.

If you are interested in the new Ram 1500, visit RZ Motors today and you can take one out for a test drive.
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