What Can You Expect from Dodge Durango Fuel Economy?

Buyers in the market for a new SUV aren’t overlooking fuel efficiency. The more money you pay for gasoline, the more expensive the overall cost of the vehicle becomes. With the mid-size Dodge Durango, expect a reasonable level of fuel efficiency.

The Dodge Durango comes in both an eight-cylinder and a six-cylinder version. The average consumer is most interested in the six-cylinder option. Barring a need for extra power, six-cylinder engines do the job. All the fuel economy on both engines is excellent, although the smaller engine gets more mileage per gallon.

As for the stats, high driving on six cylinders delivers 26 miles per gallon. City driving drops down to a respectable 19. Expect about 21 mpg when combining city and highway driving. Most drivers find themselves mixing the city and highway driving often.

Learn about the Dodge Durango‘s fuel efficiency, performance, and handling through a test drive in Hettinger. The sales crew of Rz Motors Incorporated knows you’ll appreciate the experience.



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