Cruise on a Busy Highway Confidently in a Chrysler Pacifica

On long roads with heavy traffic, you can maneuver to different lanes confidently and safely while operating a Chrysler Pacifica. This automobile performs well on crowded highways because it's equipped with a tactical safety solution that prevents crashes and fender benders.

The Chrysler Pacifica's Blind Spot Monitoring System is a very helpful tool for multi-lane highways. This system activates when another automobile triggers a sensor in a blind spot, and it provides an alert so that a driver can make adjustments to avoid an accident. Each alert is very noticeable since the hardware lights up an icon in the corner of the outside mirror.

RZ Motors sells new Chrysler Pacifica vehicles and offers convenient test drives. If you want to gather more information about Chrysler's Blind Spot Monitor System, our staff can assist you. We'll set up a test drive so that you can observe its basic features, and one of our salesmen will explain key functions along the way.



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