Everyone in the Dodge Grand Caravan can stay comfortable while you're driving in Hettinger due to the automatic temperature system. Areas in the front, middle, and rear of the van have their own settings, allowing everyone to choose the temperature that they want no matter where they are sitting.

Another technology feature in the Grand Caravan is the Uconnect Voice Command system. This system allows you to place or accept a call while driving using voice commands instead of your hands. This means that your hands stay on the wheel, keeping your family safe while on the road.

Over 130 satellite channels are available on the Sirirus system. You can choose from sports to music or other forms of entertainment to listen to while you're driving. Passengers can listen to what they want by using the wireless headphones in other areas of the van. While at Rz Motors Incorporated, you can learn about how to change the radio channels and connect your mobile devices.



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