Active Safety Features Define the Dodge Charger

At Rz Motors Incorporated we know how important safety is to drivers. Safety is a major reason that the Dodge Charger is one of our most popular performance sedans. Dodge has gone the extra mile to create a safer driving environment for those who buy a Charger.

The Dodge Charger has an entire suite of defensive driving active safety features. These features are special because they are always working for you. Included in this list are Full-Speed Collision Warning with Active Braking. The Charger uses advanced technology to identify the possibility of a collision. It then acts on your behalf to prevent or minimize the effects of an accident. You get almost instantaneous reaction with the Dodge safety features.

The best way to experience the safety features of the Dodge Charger is to visit us at our dealership in Hettinger. We will be happy to schedule a test drive when you call or visit us today.


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