If you've ever worried about your children, you've thought about the car that you drive. You want them to be safe when they're inside the vehicle riding with you, and you want to know that you're keeping your children and other children safe when you're backing up. At Rz Motors Incorporated, we want to show you how the Dodge Grand Caravan can help you keep all children in and around your vehicle safer.

The backup camera is specifically designed to help you know what or who is behind your vehicle. As you back up, you'll be able to monitor what's behind your vehicle by looking at a monitor that shows you a camera image from your back bumper. That means that you can stop for Fido, little Mary from next door, or even your own child.

And if you have children who love to play with everything, you'll love that they can play with the locks, but the locks won't open until you choose when you activate the child protection door locks. Come to our dealership to take a Grand Caravan for a test drive.


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